Melia Volkensii  is an indigenous tree to Kenya and does well in arid and semi-arid areas of the  country.In Ukambani, an improved propagation of the tree,called Mukau, was introduced by the Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI).


Melia is a drought resistant tree and serves well in the mitigation and adaptation of Climate Change .The tree is also termite resistant and makes good hard wood timber.


The Melia Initiative intends to introduce the tree Melia Volkensii firstly,for agro-forestry to small-scale farmers in Kaani area of Machakos County.The households targeted are those  that own small parcels of land and are subsistence farmers.


The Initiative will introduce Melia Volkensii seedlings to the farmers who will then  be required by consent to plant them on their farm land and take care of them including irrigating in dry seasons.


The vision of the project is that:


1.Farmers will appreciate agro-forestry.


2.Farmers see the Melia tree as a source of timber for income.Farmers who embrace this will then be expected to plant  woodlots for commercial purposes.


3.Water and soil conservation will be actualized.